About The Grocer Exchange.

The Grocer Exchange, LLC, was founded in 2011 to champion the best interests of urban independent supermarket owners, the manufacturers whose products they sell, and the shoppers whom they serve.

Using state-of-the-art technology to collect accurate cash register sales from urban independent markets in real time, the Grocer Exchange develops data that forms the foundation for a variety of products and services that support our key goals:

For the Grocer:
  • Provide access to performance-driven market development funds and trade promotions
  • Maximize profitability of available display space
  • Encourage customer loyalty and increase sales volume
  • Reduce operating and overhead costs
  • Improve cash flow and reduce overhead through electronic coupons
  • Develop additional revenue streams
  • Maximize effectiveness of promotional programs
For the Manufacturer:
  • Create direct communication and promotion channels to independent urban grocers
  • Deliver detailed and auditable measures of actual program performance
  • Provide accurate and comprehensive sales data for the independent urban market
  • Open direct communications channels to reach shoppers with precisely targeted messages
  • Lower costs and reduce fraud through electronic coupons
For the Shopper:
  • Maximize access to promotional discounts and deals
  • Increase awareness of new products
  • Open pathways to financial services in underserved markets